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The community prize feature has become very popular within the sweepstakes software industry. While Gold Fusion cannot lay claim to originating the idea for using this component in internet cafes, Gold Fusion’s Community Jackpot Board, or C.J.B., has many elements and assets not found on the competitor’s systems!

Working in conjunction with our Promotional Game system, the Gold Fusion C.J.B. is UNIQUE and has elements and functions found NO WHERE ELSE!


  • Is A Standard Option Included With Your Software Suite!
  • Allows You To Choose Options For Your Players!
  • Uses A True Finite Engine Paytable!
  • Is Customizable To Your Needs!
  • Can Be Programmed For Special Events And Parties!
  • Has Multiple Modes Of Operation!
  • Offers Multiple Control Options To Enhance Usage!

Many Gold Fusion Operators have found that the Gold Fusion C.J.B. Encourages Longer Seat Time And Builds Customer Loyalty!

About US

Our experienced Customer Care Representative can help you to develop a plan to grow your business using the C.J.B. and its special features and programmable specials as a booster!

Private Parties, Weekend Specials, Grand Openings… use your imagination!

The C.J.B. controls have many options that allow you to customize the functions for your particular business and your area.

  • Always On, Default To On, Default To Off
  • Winners Screen Name Displayed On Main Screen
  • Winners Notified Of Win & Amount By Caveman On Their Monitors
  • Slow Medium Fast Participation Timer Level
  • Various Prize Distribution Settings
  • Various Prize Level Settings
  • Background Operation
  • Allows Multiple Displays For Larger Locations.

Plus, other exciting features we cannot disclose here!

About US

To find out how your business can profit from the Gold Fusion C.J.B., Contact us TODAY!