Below are some quips and comments that our customers have said or sent in to us in the past! Some were sent in by distributors, some posted on social media sites and some were quotes from customer service calls made by the customers!

Customer Testimonial Image

Customer Testimonial Image

“I NEVER had this much control over my business with XXXX software! If I wanted to change something, it literally took weeks to get it done, if ever!”
- Mike N. Café Operator

"Tournaments? Gold Fusion has a Tournament mode? That’s GREAT! My customers LOVE Tournaments!"
-Terry M Entertainment Café owner

“Brand-X software had so many security holes, if I was not personally at the site, my employees would have robbed me blind! That’s not a problem with Gold Fusion!”
-Aram M.

“Switching from NORMAL to SKILL with one call and a restart has made staying current with compliance needs easy!”

“XXXXXX came into my café and asked me why what we were doing was not illegal. I sat him down and showed him the Full Disclosure Feature. He asked a couple of questions, which I answered, and then he said “looks ok!” got up and left! THANKS GOLD FUSION!”
-Paul S.

“Training my crew to operate the system really helped us get off to a good start!”
-Randy W. Retail Store Owner

“My customers LOVE the Racing Ducks Bonus! No one else has anything like it!”
-Connie B.

“They helped me setup my store, and now its running smoothly! If I ever have a the slightest problem, they have the answer! GOLD FUSION ROCKS!”
-Cedric H.

“Gold Fusion Customer Support fixed my problem in 15 minutes!”
-Bob S. Café Operator

“Multiple Bonuses in one game? Bonuses in Free Spins, with Free Spin in Free Spins??? No one else has these!”
-Kenneth A. Site Operator

“Butts in the seats! That’s the name of the game! And Gold Fusion makes it happen!”
Matt W.

“We had been very successful in another industry and we almost lost our shirt with XXXX games. I got started with Gold Fusion and I did not do better at first because I was trying to run this business like my old one! Meanwhile, XXXXXX at Gold Fusion kept patiently trying to get me to listen to their marketing ideas. Finally in frustration I said “OK I will try it your way! Nothing else is working! 1 year and XXXXX thousands of dollars later and I could not be happier that I started to listen! Now we are opening our second site!”
-Nate C.

“Wait, you mean I get to set up my own promotions without having to call the company???? COOL!”
-Manny K.

“Before I found Gold Fusion, I ran XXXX software from November to February, I had XXXXXXX in net sales, I paid out XXXXXXX! That’s $16.00 profit in 4 months! Now with Gold Fusion, we are doing well!"
-John M. Small Business Owner.

“ With Brand -X software, if I sell 10K in a week, I make $1500-$2500.00. With Gold Fusion, when I sell $10K, I make $3500.00 to $4200.00! Any questions?”
-Ivan T

“Getting an email automatically every time my clerks close a shift, has really helped us keep track of accounting at our 3 stores!”
-Mira P Multiple Café Operator.

“ My customers love the running caveman! He cracks them up as they wait to see who wins!”
-Kenny G.

“Learning to listen and be patient was hard for an old truck driver like me, but I am glad I did! It has really paid off!”
-Joe C.

“When I was getting trained by Gold Fusion staff, I asked where the button was to trigger the Jackpot. After all, XXXX software had one, and I told him that… the guy told me, ‘Sir, I don’t know what XXXXX does, but that sounds like cheating, and we don’t work like that.’ Integrity, you gotta love it!”
-Ryan B.

“Gold Fusion took the time to show us where to buy equipment ourselves, instead of jacking up the price and making us buy it from them like XXXX software did!”
-Paula M.

“ I needed a special feature for compliance in my area, Gold Fusion worked with me to help me stay open! XXXXX software would not even return my call!”
-Kim R.